Development at Westlands Drive - Public Consultation

Objectives and key drivers of the Westlands Drive proposal

Illustrative view of north elevation of proposed Westlands Drive development

Image description: Illustrative view of north elevation of proposed Westlands Drive development.

New Social Housing

Provide new homes within the city of which 100% will be social rent or shared ownership. The proposed homes include a choice of flats, maisonettes or townhouses from one to four bedrooms, for different occupancy needs.

High Quality

Visually and functionally improve the quality of architecture, urban realm and green space in the heart of Northway. The homes are designed to current space standards to provide a comfortable environment for living. A variety of amenity spaces will be provided, with a layout which maximises the benefit of the open space.

Low Energy Housing

Provide exemplar low energy housing with a performance target of 70% carbon reduction below 2013 Regulations, by using high levels of insulation and renewable energy sources. In day-to-day terms this means lower energy consumption and bills during very hot or very cold weather, leading to low energy demand and savings, and ultimately a more sustainable way of living.

Ecology improvement

Oxford City Council is committed to improving the ecology and biodiversity of the area, with plans to introduce indigenous planting and roost sites for various wildlife such as birds, bats and insects.


Stepped design reflects the scale of surrounding buildings, incorporating different unit sizes within a new volume fronting the open space.


Brick has been selected as a high quality, robust, non-combustible material out of the surrounding palette, echoing the parade and 2-storey houses north of square.


The modern aesthetic will be in line with newer developments in area, while reflecting colours of the surrounding brickwork.

External works

Rerouting of paths will be required in the green space at the front of houses. Robust, high-quality hard landscaping will be incorporated into the back gardens and access to the houses.