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    Russia through Russian eyes: Take 2

    • Date: 14th January 2018
    • Location: Rewley House 1 Wellington Square Oxford OX1 2HY UK
    • Time: 16:00 - 18:00
    • Cost: £8

    Documentary films from Oxford’s twin city of Perm – introduced in person by Vladimir Beresnev, artist and Curator of the Flahertiana Film Festival, Perm.

    The conflicted emotions of ex-Soviet air force pilots serving in Crimea, the joy of the man from Mali, living his dream as a tram driver in Siberian Irkutsk , the hope of the Tajik migrant to Moscow that he will break out of his casual work, and the mosaic of faces, stories and relationships in the third class seats of the Trans-Siberian Railway ; all pictures of modern Russia captured by young film directors for the Flahertiana Film Festival in Oxford’s twin city of Perm on the edge of the Urals.

    The Oxford-Perm Association with some support from Oxford International Links has invited Vladimir Beresnev, Curator of the Flahertiana, university lecturer in Perm and a Board member of the Perm Museum of Modern Art to present four documentaries in person. Dr.Beresnev will also meet his opposite numbers at Oxford’s MOMA, with other meetings at Oxford schools in the planning. This visit is one of a continuing series between Oxford and Perm.

    “Not My Job” or “Strange work”

    Director: Denis Shabaev
    Faroukh, a young man from Tajikistan in Central Asia, sets off to Moscow in the hope of fulfilling his dream of becoming an actor. Opportunities prove harder to find than he expected, and he has to make ends meet by taking various menial jobs. Tensions build between Faroukh and his parents, with whom he lives in Moscow and who criticise him for leaving his wife and young children behind in Tajikistan. Disaster strikes when Faroukh is involved in — and blamed for — a serious car crash. A thought-provoking and affectionate portrait of a lively representative of Moscow’s sizeable community of migrant workers from the countries of the former Soviet Union, numerous scenes powerfully convey a sense of what it feels like to be a member of the Tajik immigrant community in Russia.

    “Third Class Travel”

    Director: Rodion Ismailov
    From Moscow to Vladivostok the Trans-Siberian Railway crosses seven time zones and 5,772 miles. This film spends a few days before and at New Year 2016 with passengers in Third Class. Sympathetically shot with a sensitivity to colour and form that would not be out of place in an art gallery the camera goes gently from group to group to individual passengers to hear their sometimes astonishingly intimate stories, interspersed with atmospheric sequences of the -300C Winter-wonderland outside and sidelong glances at other passengers which hint at their undiscovered worlds. At first sight an unstructured group, in fact the interviews complement and contrast each other. New Year on the train is announced first at local time and then later, over a smartphone propped up on a table, from Moscow with a speech by Vladimir Putin and the chimes of the Kremlin clock.
    These four films, by turns intriguing, moving and unsettling, in their diverse subjects express an essence of modern Russia and show the histories we make of our lives to give them meaning.