Council tax rebate to help with your energy bills

To help households with rising energy costs, the Government has announced a £150 council tax rebate (payment) for households in bands A to D.

Why is the government providing support?

From 1 April 2022, the energy price cap will rise and many households will struggle to pay higher energy bills and to heat their homes. You can find the government leaflet, which provides more information about the rebate, lower on this page. 

Who will receive this £150 payment (rebate)?

Most households in council tax bands A to D will qualify for a payment (rebate) of £150, if they are occupied as a sole or main residence on 1 April 2022. If you are unsure of your council tax band, you can find it on your council tax bill or on the GOV.UK website.

If you pay by direct debit, you will receive this as a payment. Payments are now being made to those who pay their council tax by direct debit. Residents who do not pay by direct debit will need to apply online using the button at the bottom of the page.

If you pay less than £150 council tax, or you receive single person discount, or do not pay because you receive council tax support, you will still be entitled to the payment.

Any properties which are unoccupied, classed as a second home, or where the liable person is a local authority, corporate body, housing association, or government body, will not be eligible for the £150 rebate.

The council will not be contacting you by phone, email or text to ask for bank details. Please do not give your bank details to anyone contacting you about this rebate claiming to be from the council.  

How and when will you receive your £150 rebate 

If you pay your council tax by direct debit 

If you pay your council tax by direct debit, there is no need to do anything. As long as the bank account is in the name of the person on the bill, payment will be made into the bank account your direct debit comes from.

  • We are currently making a payment to those who have made a direct debit in April. In order to receive the rebate we must have had at least one successful direct debit payment for you council tax account. 

Where the name on the bank account does not match the person named on the bill, the payment will not automatically be made. We will write to you with details of how to apply for the rebate.

If you do not pay your council tax by direct debit 

The one-off £150 payment will be made to the liable council taxpayer (the person whose name is on the bill).

Please read the information on How to Apply below and, if you satisfy the criteria, apply by clicking on Apply for Council Tax Rebate.

When applying you will need to provide your bank details, date of birth, council tax account and property reference number. Your property reference number can be found by using the look-up link within the form itself. You will also need a scan or photo of a recent bank statement, for the bank account details that you are supplying, and a form of ID.  We can accept a current Passport, Driving Licence, DWP or HMRC letters, County Council issued bus passes and disabled status photo ID as a form of ID. 

We will notify you of the outcome of your application via email. 

How to Apply

Please read the information and click on “Apply for you £150 Energy Rebate” if you meet the below criteria;

  • You are liable to pay council tax
  • Your property is in council tax band A, B, C or D. This includes properties in band E, with an alternative valuation band of D, due to a disabled reduction scheme award
  • Your property was occupied by you as your sole or main residence on 1 April 2022.

Do not phone, email or write to us to make a claim for your rebate, as you can only do this online.

Any properties which are unoccupied, classed as a second home, or where the liable person is a local authority, corporate body, housing association, or government body, will not be eligible for the £150 rebate.

If you incorrectly claim and receive the rebate, you will be required to pay it back. 

View the Government leaflet on the rebate on the GOV.UK website.

Apply for your £150 Energy rebate

Additional Discretionary Rebate Fund 

In addition to the council tax energy rebate for properties in council tax bands A–D, we will also be launching a discretionary scheme aimed at those who are not entitled to the £150 payment or are in greater need of support. Details will follow in due course.

Council tax online services

You can view your council tax information, find your council tax reference number, apply for direct debits or manage your payments online:

Sign in or register to your Council Tax account

Difficulty paying your Council Tax bill

The rebate does not mean you can stop paying Council Tax. You must continue to pay your bill by the amounts and on the dates shown on your bill. If you are struggling to pay, find out what help and advice is available to you.