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Milham Ford Nature Park


Milham Ford Nature park combines more formal play with natural play and a tapestry of habitats within its 3.8ha

The park is grateful for the support the Friends of Milham Ford Nature Park give to maintaining and improving the habitats.  

How to get there

There are multiple entances to the park from Marston Rd and Harberton Mead, OX3 0FL.

There is no car parking facilities, although buses  run and drop off along the Marston Rd.


Milham Ford Nature Park was once the school fields for Milham Ford Girls School. When the school closed in early 2000's the buildings and land were developed but the land remained as public open space.

New Marston Wildlife Group, and later the Friends of Milham Ford Nature Park were created and continue to help protect the site.  

Things to do

Alongside the formal play area, sculpture and seating take a stroll around the site and see what you can find.

Take a picnic and enjoy the open grass areas

Sit and enjoy the wildlife that may appear.


If you would like to get involved and hands on, events and volunteer sessions are listed on the Friends of Milham Ford website 


Wildflower and Seed Saturday 16th July, 2-5pm.

Milham Meadow Wildflowers’ appreciation walk.

First, noting pollinators using the flowers, then opportunity to collect own yellow rattle seed.  Contact 07968395243

Seed Sunday 31st July from 1.00pm.

All local groups invited to collect own seed (all meadow flowers will be available) with advice on how to collect seed of particular species.

Contact 07968395243

Pondweed clearing Sun 4th September from 1pm

Removing the pondweed and pond life dipping and appreciation for children. 


The open grass areas are maintained with a mix of short and long grass helping to support the orchids that appear.

In the spring swades of dffodils and crocuses appear adding a splash of spring colour

The ponds attract common frogs and toads

For a full list of identified species please visit the Friends of Milham Ford Nature Park website  

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