Countryside and nature reserves - The Kidneys

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The Kidneys


This 3.4ha riverside nature park is one of many along the River Thames, providing a stop-off or a place to relax.

How to get there

The postcode for the site is OX4 1TJ.

The Kidneys are best accessed on foot or by cycle with footpaths and cycle ways running along the entrance to the park.

Car parking is available at Meadow Lane, with a short walk to the main gates.

Things to do


Incorporate The Kidneys into a steady walk, or stop off and enjoy the views of the Thames.

Wildlife spotting 

New or experienced wildlife enthusiasts will find something to see in the wildflower.


With riverside views the open grass areas are a great place to have a picnic.


From recent surveys undertaken at The Kidneys we have identified the following species:


  • Bluebell
  • Dark Spinach


  • Water vole

Insects and invertebrates

  • Small spurred digger wasp
  • Common toad and frog
  • Grass snake


  • Greylag goose
  • Mallard
  • Dunnock
  • Bullfinch
  • House sparrow
  • Song thrush
  • Green woodpecker
Membership bodies

The Friends of Aston's Eyot (which is adjacent to the Kidneys) have been working to plant areas of bee friendly meadow.