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Temple Cowley


Temple Cowley, its name recalling the long lost medieval house of the Knights Templar, is situated to the south-east of Oxford City centre. It is bounded to the south by Oxford Road, on the east by Hollow Way, by the residential dwellings of Crescent Road to the north and public recreational buildings to the west.

Superimposed on the surviving buildings of the 18th century rural settlement are the 19th and 20th century suburbs. Several institutions built the impressive 19th century complexes of the former Salesian College and the former Military Academy, later William Morris' first car factory and then the Nuffield Press. A school, St Christopher's, was erected in 1877 to serve the expanding population and St Luke's Church was erected in 1937-8 through the benevolence of Lord Nuffield.

Date of Designation

24 March 1986

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