Car Parks in Oxford - St Giles (on-street parking)

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St Giles (on-street parking)

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Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for on-street parking in central Oxford.

Parking charges

Payment must be made on arrival. Coins and cards accepted. Parking charges and time restrictions for on-street parking apply.

Coins, cards and contactless payments accepted.

Visit the Oxfordshire County Council website for information about their parking charges.

Charging hours (8am - 10pm)

  • Monday - Saturday, 8am - 6.30pm and evenings from 6.30pm
  • Sunday, 10am - 6.30pm and evenings from 6.30pm


  • £1.50 up to 30 mins
  • £3 up to 1 hour
  • £5 up to 2 hours
  • £3 for evenings  

1 or 2 hour tickets purchased with the expiry time of 6.31pm or after are valid for the evening period. Please note this does not apply to 30 minute tickets.