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Sustainable Warmth grants can fund energy efficiency upgrades for households most likely to be impacted by rising fuel bills

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Sustainable Warmth

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Homeowners, private tenants, private landlords

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These are the energy and cost-saving upgrades that you may be able to get for your home if you are eligible:

  • Insulation and ventilation upgrades (to keep your home comfortable in both the winter and summer and help cut your energy bills)
  • An upgrade to a low carbon heating system (to cut your carbon emissions, so the new heating system to be installed cannot include a gas or oil boiler)
  • Heating Controls (that help save you money because you only use the heat when you need it)
  • Energy Efficient Hot Water Solution (keeping your water warm for longer and saving you money)
  • Solar Thermals (to keep your house warm)
  • Solar PV (to generate free electricity)
  • Energy Efficiency lighting (to make it cheaper to run)
Conditions and eligibility

To be eligible:

  • Your home should have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated E, F or G (D-rated homes can also be considered)


  • You are on a low income.  For example:
    • If your annual household income is under £30,000, or under £20,000 after rent or mortgage costs
    • Your household is on means-tested benefits.
    • An allowance will also be made for the number of children in your household, or if you have recently lost income.