Oxford’s Outdoor Venue Guide - Oxpens Meadow

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General Information

Category: Premium Park
Address: Oxpens Rd, OX1 1TY
Size: 2 hectares
Miles to City Centre: 0.5
Miles to Ring Road: 2
Size of events: Small to large

Oxpens Meadow is a beautiful setting by the River Thames. 

Its location is next to Oxford Ice Rink, opposite the Westgate Shopping Centre, within short walking distance from the city centre and Oxford train station, guarantees high visibility and footfall for events. 

How to Get there

Active Travel: 10 minutes walk, 5 minutes cycle ride from city centre and Oxford train station.

Public transport: Regular bus services; bus stops on Speedwell Street/Frideswide’s Square (including Park and Ride bus services).

Parking: No suitable parking onsite for event attendees; the nearest public car parks are Oxpens and Westgate Car Park.

Key Considerations
  • Access width for vehicles: 5.5m
  • The lower-lying end of the site can flood during periods of prolonged heavy rain
  • Public access through the site to the towpath must be maintained during any event, but via a particular route
  • Oxpens has a protocol in place to minimise noise impact on surrounding residential areas. For more information discuss with the Events Office
  • Park location
  • Premises licence
Previous and Current events
  • Oxford Pride
  • BHF London to Oxford Trek
  • Old Fashioned Tent Meeting
  • Circus
  • Continental markets
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