Oxford’s Outdoor Venue Guide - New Marston Recreation Ground

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General Information

Category: Neighbourhood Park
Address: Croft Road, OX3 0JZ
Size: 4.4 hectares
Miles to City Centre: 1.6
Miles to Ring Road: 1
Size of events: Small to medium

New Marston Recreation Ground is a large, flat, open green space that lies in the middle of a residential area and in close proximity to colleges.

How to Get there

Active Travel: 11 minutes’ cycle ride from the city centre.

Public transport: No. 13 bus stops nearby on Marston Road and Oxford Road.

Parking: No suitable parking onsite for event attendees.

Key Considerations
  • Access width for vehicles: 3.45m
  • Vehicular access off a side street but accessible for HGVs.
  • Park location
Previous and Current events
  • Sports events
  • Funfair
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