Oxford’s Outdoor Venue Guide - Manzil Way Garden

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General Information

Category: Local Park
Address: Cowley Road, OX4 1YH
Size: 2,702 m²
Miles to City Centre: 1.2
Miles to Ring Road: 1.7
Size of events: Small to large

Manzil Way Garden is located on the vibrant, bustling Cowley Road in close vicinity to shops and restaurants.  It is divided into two segments on either side of Manzil Way.

It has a high footfall and very good visibility.

Every year it is the green heart of Cowley Road Carnival.

How to Get there

Active Travel:  25 minutes walk, 10 minutes cycle ride from the city centre.

Public transport:  Bus stop just on Cowley Road; regular bus services to and from the city centre.

Parking:  No suitable parking onsite for event attendees; the nearest public car park is Union Street Car Park.

Key Considerations
  • The area tends to get busy due to close proximity to East Oxford Health Centre and the Central Oxford Mosque. Event organisers are encouraged to check prayer times.
  • Only suitable for small-sized events due to restricted size and its proximity to a busy road.
  • Park location
  • Premises licence
Previous and Current events
  • Cowley Road Carnival
  •  The People’s Fair
  • Recycling Roadshow
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