Oxford’s Outdoor Venue Guide - Grandpont Recreation Ground

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General Information

Category: Neighbourhood Park
Address: Whitehouse Road, OX1 4QH
Size: 9.7 hectares
Miles to City Centre: 1
Miles to Ring Road: 1.7
Size of events: Small to medium

Grandpont Recreation Ground is in close proximity to the city centre and Redbridge Park and Ride and lies on a public commuting route to the centre.  It has a recently built pavilion with kitchen and toilet facilities which can be hired to use in conjunction with the field for events and corporate away days.

How to Get there

Active Travel:  15 minutes walk, 6 minutes cycle ride from the city centre; 9 minutes from Oxford train station.

Public transport:  Nearby bus stops on Abingdon Road; regular services from city centre and 300 bus service to and from Redbridge Park and Ride.

Parking:  No suitable onsite parking for event attendees; nearest public car parks are Hinksey Park, Oxpens and Westgate Car Park.

Key Considerations
  • Access width for vehicles: 2.9m (unsuitable for HGVs)
  • No weekend events are possible from September to April because of the football season.
  • Park location
Previous and Current events
  • Didcot to Oxford Railway 175th Anniversary Event
  • Annual South Oxford Family Triathlon
  • Sports events
  • Corporate away days 
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