Oxford’s Outdoor Venue Guide - Bonn Square

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General Information

Category: City Centre
Address: Oxford OX1 1LQ
Size: Upper area: 465.5m² (North side: 19m, East: 27m, South: 19m, West: 22m)
Size of events: Small to medium
Footfall: 9,500 people daily

Bonn Square is a small historic plaza located in the heart of Oxford just opposite the Westgate Shopping Centre. The high footfall in this location ensures excellent visibility for your event/promotion.

How to Get there

Active Travel: 15 minutes’ walk and 5 minutes’ cycle from Oxford train station.

Public Transport: 10 minutes’ walk from the Railway Station. Buses stop near the Westgate on Castle St, Norfolk St and St Aldate’s.

Parking: No parking onsite. Car parks at Worcester Street, Gloucester Green, Oxpens and Westgate.

Key Considerations
  • The square is split into upper and lower areas. Bookings are placed on the upper area unless otherwise requested in the application
  • The upper area is ramped, dropping approx 1m north - south for a stage effect. Vehicles up to 13 tonnes may be driven onto the square
  • Events on Sundays can only use the upper area and must be set up by 10am. There must not be any noise between 10.30am and 12.30pm, and access to the adjacent church must be maintained at all times
  • Infrastructure to be unloaded and all vehicles offsite by 10am. Only vehicles that are part of the event allowed between 10am and 6pm. Parking dispensation requests must be included in the application
  • Site layout must take bus traffic on Queen Street into consideration. No infrastructure to be located in close proximity to the road.
  • City centre location
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Power available
  • Premises licence
Previous and Current events
  • MOSAIC Indonesian Culture Exhibition
  • Refill Sculpture
  • Disco Soup
  • Soulful House Hugs
  • NHS Blood Donor Recruitment
  • Promotional events
  • Charity awareness stalls
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