Recycling A to Z - Garden waste

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Garden waste

Can it be recycled or disposed of at the kerbside?

Yes - You can recycle this item in your brown bin or Oxford City Council compostable sack

Options for reuse, repair, recycling and disposal

We operate an annual subscription scheme for the collection of household garden waste. Learn more about and subscribe to the garden waste collection service.

If you have the space, consider home composting. You can get a discounted compost bin through

You can also dispose of garden waste free of charge at Redbridge Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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Where does it end up?

Garden waste is taken to Wallingford Compost Site just outside Oxford. All the garden waste is turned into compost in just a few short weeks. The compost is then spread on local fields helping to naturally boos crop yields.

Watch our video about how Oxford's garden waste is turned into compost.