Recycling A to Z - Fire extinguishers

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Fire extinguishers

Can it be recycled or disposed of at the kerbside?

No - other options for recycling and disposal below

Options for reuse, repair, recycling and disposal

Please do not place fire extinguishers in any of your wheelie bins or sacks as they may explode if they are crushed.

Old fire extinguishers can usually be returned to the retailer or supplier. Please note that extensively corroded extinguishers cannot be accepted.

Fire extinguishers can be disposed of at Redbridge Household Waste Recycling Centre. Do not place them into any of the containers there - staff at Redbridge will show you to the area where they can be stored safely before being reused.

More Information

Please ensure that:

  • All empty extinguishers have the handles securely taped together
  • Full/part full extinguishers have safety pin in place
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguishers should have a blanking cap if a swivel horn is not attached