Recycling A to Z - Clothes

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Can it be recycled or disposed of at the kerbside?

Yes - You can dispose of this item in your green bin or lilac sack

Options for reuse, repair, recycling and disposal

Bring banks and charity shops will take clothes and other textiles. Visit our Bring Banks page listing all sites that take clothing and textiles.

Although clothes would ideally be in good condition, even poor quality, ripped or soiled textiles - 'rag' - can be accepted in recycling bring banks. Put ‘rag’ type material into a clearly labelled bag before placing it in the bring bank.

Some charity shops will also take 'rag' type items. Check with individual charities directly to be sure what they are currently accepting.

Clothes and other textiles can also be taken to Redbridge Household Waste Recycling Centre for recycling.

Oxford Freegle is a useful website for offering items to others for reuse.

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