Coronavirus help for vulnerable residents

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We have set up a single point of contact for vulnerable people to ask for the extra help they may need as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

In order to get help for yourself or someone you are concerned about you can either:

  • Call the Contact Centre on 01865 249 811
  • Complete our form

Get community assistance

The Contact Centre is staffed 8am to 5pm, with emergency cover out of hours.

Who should use the contact centre

The contact centre has been set up to get support to those most in need:

  • People who have received a letter from the NHS identifying them as high risk
  • those needing food bank support 
  • those with no local support from friends or family 
  • with physical and mental health needs
  • vulnerable individuals and families 

What support is available?

Support from our contact centre

The contact centre offers help for emergency needs and can put you in touch with a range of support from the Council and other partners:

  • Urgent supplies of medicine, food, or sanitisation for a baby or infant 
  • Picking up shopping 
  • Feeling lonely 
  • Connection to a support group 
  • Reminder call to take medicine

Other sources of support

If you need help but you’re not in a high risk category, you can find help for a range of issues from these links:

Help for highest risk Oxfordshire residents outside the city

A new, dedicated line has been set up for Oxfordshire residents outside the city. 

If you or someone you know outside the city has been identified as high risk and has no support network, please contact the dedicated team on 01865 89 78 20 or email [email protected]

The helpline is open from 8.30am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

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