Recycling at Christmas

Garden waste (brown bin/sack) collections suspended over Christmas

We will not be collecting garden waste between 25 December 2017 and 7 January 2018.  Normal service will resume in week beginning 8 January 2018.

Over Christmas we generate around 30% more waste and most of this can be recycled.

Most of your wrapping paper (non-glittery, tape, bows and decorations removed), Christmas cards, wine bottles, glass jars and lids, plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays, foil, tins and cans and drinks cartons can be recycled in your blue bin and sacks.

If you can't fit extra recycling in your bin or sacks, please leave in a clear bag or cardboard box next to your blue bin or sacks on your collection day. Visit our what goes in each bin page for full details on household recycling.

Up to 80% of your waste can be recycled. Please try to recycle as much as possible as extra rubbish that doesn't fit in your green bin or lilac sacks will not be collected.

Christmas recycling and waste collections

During Christmas week (beginning 25 December) your usual collection day will be one day later (see table below):

 Normal collection day  New collection day
 Tuesday 26 December  Wednesday 27 December
 Wednesday 27 December  Thursday 28 December
 Thursday 28 December  Friday 29 December
 Friday 29 December  Saturday 30 December

Normal collections resume week beginning 1 January 2018.

Christmas tree recycling

Christmas trees will be collected on your blue/brown bin collection day. You can leave your real and naked - lights, decorations and pots removed - Christmas tree next to your blue bin/sacks or brown bin (if you have a subscription) between 9 January and 2 February for recycling. Christmas trees with lights, decorations and pots still attached will not be collected, as these items cannot be composted. You can also drop trees off at one of the 12 collection points across the city (note these are open ealier than the kerbside collection service).

If you live in a flat, please do not leave your tree in the bin store, take it to one of the collection points below.

Christmas tree collection points are open between 27 December 2017 and 14 January 2018. The collection points are:

  • Alexandra Tennis Courts, Middle Way, Summertown
  • Bury Knowle Park, North Place car park
  • Cutteslowe Park, Harbord Road car park
  • Florence Park, Cowley
  • Hinksey Park, off Abingdon Road
  • Leys Pools and Leisure Centre car park (formerly Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre)
  • Long Lane, Littlemore
  • Margaret Road Recreation Ground
  • Meadow Lane Recreation Ground, Jackdaw Lane
  • Oatlands Recreation Ground, Ferry Hinksey Road (car park)
  • South Park, Morrell Avenue
  • Sunnymead Recreation Ground, by play area

Christmas tree recycling points map

Service suspensions: bin deliveries, bulky waste and garden waste

The following services will be suspended between 25 December 2017 and 7 January 2018:

  • Bin deliveries/retrievals
  • Bulky waste collections
  • Garden waste

We will not be taking bookings for bin deliveries/retrievals or bulky waste collections between 25 December 2017 and 7 January 2018. These services will resume week beginning 8 January 2018.

Food waste

UK households are still throwing away £12 billion worth of food each year and one in three of us think we waste more food over Christmas and New Year than at any other time of the year. This food waste is having a detrimental impact on the environment, wasting materials, water and energy using in production, but there's simply no need.

Here's a few of our seasonal tips for reducing food waste:

  • Make delicious soup or stock with your leftover turkey carcass
  • Those leftover grapes from your cheese board can be frozen with water in an ice cube tray to create a fancy addition to your drinks
  • Freeze Stilton cheese and use in cooking or thaw for your cheese board
  • Blend cooked turkey in a food processor to make turkey mince. Freeze and use at a later date.
  • Whip any leftover cream and freeze
  • Refrigerate Christmas pudding for up to three months
  • Slice Christmas cake and freeze it with greaseproof paper between each piece so you don't have to defrost an entire cake
  • Freeze cooked turkey and ham and thaw in the fridge to use in casseroles, curries, pies and sandwiches

To learn more on how to make the most of your food, visit Love Food Hate Waste for storage guidance, top tips and recipes.

For food which you can't make the most of, recycle in your food caddy. Visit our food recycling page for full details.


From taking unwanted Christmas presents to charity shops or saving your wrapping paper for next year, there are many items to be reused over Christmas. Why not make your own Christmas cards and gifts? Orinoco, in Peat Moors, is full of inspiration and items for creating unique gifts. Or instead of buying something brand new, why not try and find a unique gift from a charity shop (download a map of Oxford's charity shops).