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Sites and Housing Plan

Sites and Housing Plan adopted

The City Council adopted the Sites and Plan at Council on 18 February 2013. More information is available on our Sites and Housing Adoption page.

What is the Sites and Housing Plan?

The Sites and Housing Development Plan Document will form part of Oxford's Local Development Framework. It will allocate sites for development for housing, employment and other uses and set out detailed planning policies for residential development.

What is a site allocation?

A site allocation describes what type of land use, or mix of uses, would be acceptable on a specific site if a planning application was submitted on it. Allocations help local people understand what may happen in their area in the future and give guidance to developers. They are a positive policy towards redevelopment and help ensure the right type of development happens in order to meet the aims of the adopted Core Strategy.

If a site isn't allocated does it mean it won't get developed?

No. If a site is not allocated someone can still be granted planning permission to develop it provide it is acceptable when considered against other Oxford Local Plan and Local Development Framework policies.

What issues will the housing policies cover?

The housing policies contains new planning policies on affordable housing (in more detail than the Core Strategy), student accommodation, Houses in Multiple Occupation and the design, size and sustainability requirements. All proposals for residential development will be considered against these policies.

When will these policies come into effect?

The policies within the latest version of the document, the Proposed Submission, are currently being used as material considerations in determining planning applications having been agreed by Council in December 2011. This is not the final version of the document but it is not expected to change significantly through the last stages of its production.

Stages and timetable

Below are the stages that the production of the Sites and Housing DPD goes through. These stages are mainly determining by planning legislation. Click on the stage for more detailed information. Timings are subject to change.

Pre-production evidence gathering Drawing up an initial database of potential sites. Rejecting sites for such reasons as being too small, within the flood plain or Green Belt. Gathering information on housing issues to identify the key issues. Up to November 2010
Pre-Options consultation An informal consultation stage to make people aware of the document and to gather their ideas and concerns about potential sites and housing issues through consultations events using maps, displays and discussions. November/ December 2010
Preferred Options Document and draft SA publication and consultation Options for sites and housing policies were narrowed down to the preferred options based upon the objectives of the Core Strategy and consultation comments and set out in this document. A formal consultation was carried out to gather comments. June/July 2011
Proposed Submission Document and SA publication and consultation Proposed policy wording is set out in this document. It considered the objectives of the Core Strategy and comments made at the previous stage. A formal consultation was carried out from 10th February 2012 for 6 weeks to gather comments on soundness. February 2012
Submission to Secretary of State Minor changes are made following the Proposed Submission consultation. The document was submitted to the Secretary of State on 11th May 2012. Submission documents will be available to view on our website and in local libraries by 21st May 2012. May 2012
Examination in Public An independent planning inspector will consider whether the document is sound and legally compliant through public hearing sessions. The Inspector may invite interested people or organisations to participate in the discussions. The Inspector will publish his/her report with recommendations. September 2012
Adopt the Sites and Policies DPD The Council considered the inspector's report and adopted the Sites and Housing Plan with the Inspector's recommended modifications on 18 February 2013. It now has full weight as a material consideration when assessing planning applications. February 2013

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