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District Data Service - Chart of the Month

Listed below are the data notes and charts that have been published as part of the Oxfordshire District Data Analysis Service.  You can find other data by district via the district tabs above.

Latest chart of the month - Winter deaths above average in South Oxfordshire

According to the latest Excess Winter Deaths Index (a ratio of actual deaths in the winter compared with expected deaths), South Oxfordshire was one of 4 areas (out of 67) in the South East that was significantly above average.  Oxford’s value was above but statistically similar to the regional average.

Most excess winter deaths are due to circulatory and respiratory diseases, and the majority occur amongst the elderly population.

Download the summary briefing note here.. PDF icon Excess Winter Deaths (350kB)


Census 2011 summary leaflets

PDF icon Cherwell (844kB)  PDF icon South Oxfordshire (711kB) PDF icon Vale of White Horse (852kB) PDF icon West Oxfordshire (387kB)


Monthly District Charts by theme


You can view the 2011 commuting patterns to and from areas across the UK by district, town and ward using the interactive tools on Oxfordshire Insight. Visit, http://insight.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/travel-3

Oct 2014 Chart PDF icon Commuting by mode of travel 2001 to 2011 (1,279kB)

Sept 2014 Chart PDF icon Commuting patterns in Oxfordshire (927kB) Excel icon Excel (36kB)

Apr 2014 Chart PDF icon Distance to work (995kB)

Feb 2013 Chart PDF icon Census 2011 mode of travel and working from home (82kB)


Mar 2014 Chart PDF icon Armed Forces 2001 to 2011 (319kB)

Oct 2013 Chart PDF icon Predicted growth in oldest population (227kB)

May 2013 Chart PDF icon Census 2011 proficiency in English (115kB)

Mar 2013 Chart PDF icon Census 2011 household population growth in urban and rural wards v2 (108kB)

Jan 2013 Chart PDF icon  Census 2011 year of arrival of non-UK born residents (130kB)

July 2012 Chart   PDF icon 30 year increase in population (114kB) Excel icon Excel (87kB)

20 Jul 2012 DN03PDF icon Census 2011 population by district showing change by age (195kB)  Excel icon Excel (168kB)

15 May 2012 DN02 PDF icon Completion of the online Census survey linked to age (89kB) Excel icon Excel (339kB)

15 May 2012 DN01 PDF icon Gender difference in claimant count (101kB) Excel icon Excel (161kB)

May 2012 Chart PDF icon Ageing population (26kB) Excel icon Excel (220kB)


May 2015 Chart PDF icon NINo registrations by overseas nationals (500kB)

Nov 2014 Chart PDF icon Mapping Science professionals (634kB) Excel icon Excel (130kB)  PDF icon Supplementary maps - residence and workplace of science professionals (927kB)

June 2014 Chart PDF icon Domestic Energy Consumption (918kB)

Feb 2014 Chart  PDF icon Unemployed charactertistics (428kB)

Jan 2014 Chart PDF icon Impact of recession on enterprises and unemployment (565kB)

July 2013 Chart PDF icon Home working and self employment maps (492kB)

June 2013 Chart PDF icon GCSE attainment (190kB) Excel icon Excel (90kB)

Apr 2013 Chart PDF icon Self employment and small businesses (91kB)


Feb 2015 Chart PDF icon Small area house prices (555kB) Excel icon Excel table of 2013 house prices by MSOA in Oxfordshire (21kB)

Jan 2015 Chart PDF icon Children in private rented households (573kB)

Sept 2013 Chart PDF icon Housing occupancy by tenure and bedrooms (374kB)

Nov 2012 Chart PDF icon  Census 2011 second addresses (153kB)

Oct 2012 Chart PDF icon 2001 to 2011 growth in residential dwellings (116kB) Excel icon Excel (402kB)

30 Jul 2012 DN04PDF icon Census 2011 trends in average household size (118kB) Excel icon Excel (127kB)

June 2012 Chart   PDF icon Housing remains unaffordable for lower paid workers (133kB) Excel icon Excel (1,048kB)


June 2015 Chart PDF icon Fuel poverty (740kB)

Apr 2015 Chart PDF icon PNA briefing note (1,104kB)

May 2014 Chart PDF icon Increasing sports participation (667kB)

Dec 2013 Chart PDF icon Car ownership by single older people (479kB) Excel icon Excel (131kB)

Nov 2013 Chart PDF icon Illness by age and carer job vacancies (353kB) Excel icon Excel (119kB)

Sept 2012 Chart  PDF icon  Disability free life expectancy (117kB)  Excel icon  Excel (59kB)

August 2012 Chart   PDF icon Increase in participation in sport and active recreation (87kB)



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