Please note that our website will be updated in 2020 and accesibility features will be added to both our webpages and newly-added reports. If you would like any of our current reports in an accesible format this could be done under request.

Since 2012 Oxfordshire's district councils have jointly commissioned a District Data Analysis service to highlight trends and geographical/other variations in social, economic and environmental data of relevance to District Council services. 

The service is based at Oxford City Council and includes:

  • Enquiry service by email or phone 
  • Ad hoc data notes and charts (see chart of the month)
  • Annual data bulletins on topics such as economy, welfare, housing (see district pages)
  • Other services such as presentations or training are also available -- please just ask!

We work closely with analysts at the County Council who also provide data resources such as the JSNA; for the County's data website click here.

The Data Analysis service helps district councils to make use of data and evidence on:

  • Population and households
  • Businesses and the economy
  • Education and skills
  • The environment
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Housing
  • Community safety
  • Communities

This type of statistical data forms one part of building a comprehensive evidence base for strategic and service planning.Evidence based data analisys