In 2012 Oxfordshire's district councils jointly commissioned a District Data Analysis service to highlight trends and geographical/other variations in social, economic and environmental data of relevance to District Council services. 

Now in its fifth year, the service is provided by Bella Image based at Oxford City Council and includes:

  • Ad hoc data notes and monthly charts (see chart of the month)
  • An annual data summary leaflet for each district (see district pages)
  • An annual presentation or training session at the offices of each District Council (see district pages)
  • An enquiry service by email or phone that will provide advice and guidance on sources of social, economic and environmental data.

The Data Analysis service helps district councils to make use of data and evidence on:

  • Population and households
  • Businesses and the economy
  • Education and skills
  • The environment
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Housing
  • Community safety
  • Communities

This type of statistical data forms one part of building a comprehensive evidence base for strategic and service planning.

Building an evidence base

What data do communities need?

In 2015 we carried out a survey of community groups to find out what they need from data.  A report on the findings is available on the Oxfordshire Insight website here.

When asked what they were unable to find, respondents mentioned:

  • data at a local level,
  • up-to-date data, and
  • specific datasets including child poverty, funding data, housing, traffic, NEETs, land registry, water, some health stats

Other comments included:

  • need for advice and guidance,
  • small area reports, and
  • access to a list of experts.