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The Oxfordshire District Data Service publishes data notes and charts; please click on one the themes in the table below.  You can find other data by district via the district links on the left.

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Latest Chart of the Month

Gross Value Added (GVA)

For rural Oxfordshire, the highest contributions to GVA come from the industrial groups “Distribution, Transport, Accommodation, Food” (19%) and “Public administration, education, health” (18%).  (For these industrial groups, see appendix).  This is fairly similar to England as a whole: most GVA is generated in these categories.

However, it is also interesting to see how individual rural districts differ from the national average in where their GVA comes from. These are indicated by asterisks in the pie charts below.  (For exact figures, see appendix).

To find out more, please download the data note on Gross Value Added in Oxfordshire.