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District Data - Cherwell

Latest population estimates

  • Mid-year 2016: There were an estimated 146,338 people living in Cherwell district in mid 2016 (ONS).
    • Figures for individual towns will not be available until November 2017.
  • Mid-year 2015: The figures were as follows:
    • Cherwell district -- pop 145,550
    • Banbury -- 47,920 (33% of Cherwell pop)
    • Bicester -- 31,190 (21% of Cherwell pop)
    • Kidlington -- 13,900 (10% of Cherwell pop)

Publications and useful links for Cherwell district

  • Area Reports on Cherwell, and on its wards, parishes and localities may be found here. (2017)

Census 2011 

**Note**: Population estimates from the Census are now out of date; see Reports section above.  This section has been preserved for reference.

For information from the Census and other sources download the summary leaflet, excel data or chart packs below.