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Boundaries & Area Definitions


Census Output Areas

Output Areas (OAs): Output Areas are clusters of postcodes with a fixed boundary.  They have an average of 125 households or 300 residents.

  • For maps, please contact the district data analyst

Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs): These are clusters of (typically) four to six OAs, with an average of 1,500 residents.

Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs):  These are clusters of LSOAs with an average of 7,200 residents.



Wards are an electoral and administrative area. 

The various districts have had boundary changes since the Census, as follows. 

  • Cherwell: new wards implemented 2016
  • Oxford: consultation on boundary changes is in progress at time of writing (Nov 2018)
  • South Oxfordshire: new wards implemented 2015
  • Vale of White Horse: new wards implemented 2015
  • West Oxfordshire: minor boundary changes in 2014 and 2016.


Civil Parishes

Civil Parishes are an administrative geography.  For maps and further information, please contact the district data analyst.  For individual parish reports, follow the links for each district.


Other Resources

Oxfordshire Insight has a similar quick summary of output geographies.  In particular the following might be useful: