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Customer Feedback

GovMetric Kiosk

3 Smiley Faces

We've introduced an easy way for you to let us know what you think about the quality of service you receive from us. We're inviting you to select one of three faces (ranging from smiley to sad) and to answer a few questions to feedback how you rate us. You can also choose to leave other comments about your experience, together with suggestions on how we can improve our services.
This method of feeding back satisfaction is available in three different ways:


If you are using our website you can rate the usefulness of the information on all of our pages.  This will help us to discover what works and what doesn’t, and what needs to be improved.  

To give feedback on a web page, simply click on the appropriate face.  A pop-up box will appear in which you can enter your reasons for that rating and you will also have the option of leaving a more detailed comment with your contact details.  This information will help us to identify what is in need of improvement. We will look at every comment we receive and try to make changes as soon as we can.

Please note that you will need JavaScript enabled on your browser for this to work.  Most browsers will have this setup by default.  For more information on enabling JavaScript please view the Google support page on Javascript (external link).


If you phone our contact centre you can opt to take part in a short automated telephone survey to rate the call.

Come in:

If you visit our customer service centres you can use a touch screen kiosk to rate your visit.

GovMetric Feedback Statistics - March 2014

Thank you for your feedback using the 'smiley faces' to rate the quality of service we give. Results for March 2014 can be found below:

Face to Face

Good: 46% (44)
Average: 35% (34)
Poor: 19% (18)


Good: 92% (2667)
Average: 6% (184)
Poor: 1% (37)

Total Calls Offered: 24437
Total Calls Answered: 22811
% Calls Answered: 93.35 %
% Calls Answered in 20 Seconds: 75%


Good: 45% (236)
Average: 16% (82)
Poor: 40% (208)

GovMetric dashboard

Comments, Compliments or Complaints

Compliments, Comments, Complaints (Contact Centre) - March 2014

Comments received: 2
Compliments received: 16
Complaints received: 5
Justified Complaints received: 1
Outstanding Complaints: 4

You can use our comment, compliment or complaint procedure on our Comments, Compliments or Complaints page.

Customer Feedback

1. You Said: For Benefits, we are not consistent with the evidence people need to provide for their Housing Benefit   and Council Tax Reduction.

We Did: We have planned in further training for Customer Service Officers focused on what evidence is required.
2. You Said: For Building Control, you have difficulties getting through and there is not even an answer machine.

We Did:  We now have an answer machine set up on that line.

3. You Said: Changing our telephone options make it harder for customers to contact us

We Did: We consulted with customers both before and after making the changes. We are about to add an Anti-Social  Behaviour option based on this feedback. We are continually reviewing the options and will continue to consult with customers to ensure our telephony system meets expectations.


Page last updated 4 April 2014


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