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3 Smiley Faces

We've introduced an easy way for you to let us know what you think about the quality of service you receive from us. We're inviting you to select one of three faces (ranging from smiley to sad) and to answer a few questions to feedback how you rate us. You can also choose to leave other comments about your experience, together with suggestions on how we can improve our services.
This method of feeding back satisfaction is available in three different ways:


If you are using our website you can rate the usefulness of the information on all of our pages.  This will help us to discover what works and what doesn’t, and what needs to be improved.  

To give feedback on a web page, simply click on the appropriate face.  A pop-up box will appear in which you can enter your reasons for that rating and you will also have the option of leaving a more detailed comment with your contact details.  This information will help us to identify what is in need of improvement. We will look at every comment we receive and try to make changes as soon as we can.

Please note that you will need JavaScript enabled on your browser for this to work.  Most browsers will have this setup by default. More information on enabling JavaScript (external link).


If you phone our contact centre you can opt to take part in a short automated telephone survey to rate the call.

Come in:

If you visit our customer service centres you can use a touch screen kiosk to rate your visit.

GovMetric Feedback Statistics

Thank you for your feedback using the 'smiley faces' to rate the quality of service we give. Results for October 2015 can be found below:

Face to Face

Good: 55% (59)
Average: 23% (25)
Poor: 24% (24)


Good: 93% (390)
Average: 5% (22)
Poor: 2% (8)

Total Calls Offered: 21797
Total Calls Answered: 20087
% Calls Answered: 92.15%
% Calls Answered in 20 Seconds: 59%


Good: 42% (261)
Average: 19% (117)
Poor: 39% (237)

GovMetric dashboard


Comments, Compliments or Complaints

Compliments, Comments, Complaints (Contact Centre) - October 2015

Comments received: 0
Compliments received: 0
Complaints received: 5
Justified Complaints received: 5

You can use our comment, compliment or complaint procedure on our Comments, Compliments or Complaints page.

Customer Feedback

1. You Said: We took your original documents on reception and placed them in an envelope with no indication of when they will be returned

We Did: Introduced a quick scan and receipt process returning your documents there and then. This saves customers time and the Council money in postage.

2. You Said: No consistent approach to escalating issues to the relevant department.

We Did:  Set up an escalation procedure for the Duty Manager to take ownership and contact the relevant department and the customer.

3. You Said: That we need a more customer service approach in the Contact Centre.

We Did: Provided soft skills training for all staff and customer service training to be rolled out to all

4. You said:  We have been taking too long to answer the phone and resolve your query for Benefits enquiries.

We did: We have trained more Customer Service Officers in Benefits to ensure we have more people available to answer your calls.

5. You said: On occasions, we can put you on hold for too long and at times we have long periods of silences.

We Did: Produced a Best Practice guide for Customer Service Officers on guidance to put people on hold which includes:

Before Hold:

a) Permission - Ask the customer can you put them on HOLD
b) Time - Advise how long they will be on and stick to it
c) Reason - Tell the customer why you are putting them on HOLD.

Remember time seems longer on HOLD.

After Hold:

a) Confirm - That the customer is still there
b) Apology - For HOLD and wait time
c) Follow Up - Complete the enquiry or advise of further HOLD, Call back for other follow up action.

6. You said: On occasions, you have felt that the wait time is too long to answer calls.

We Did: Employed more staff to help answer customers calls and we trained more team members to be able deal with a variety of customers telephone queries.

7. You said: When reporting a lost bin, getting a lost property reference from the police can be difficult and time consuming.

We Did: Removed the need to request a lost property reference from TVP

8. You said: No clear indication of when the Planning Department will get back to me.

We did: Introduced a Service Level Agreement of call backs within 48 hours.

9. You said: Council Tax wait times are too long.

We did: Implemented out of hours training so more trained Customer Service Officers are available to you.

10. You said:  It takes too long to get through to a Customer Service Officer about a Council Tax enquiry..

We did: We completed the training of 5 additional Customer Service Officers on Council Tax and have begun training another 4.  As a result, despite an increase in call volumes, our waiting times have improved.

11. You said: You are not happy about using an automated payment line. You have given payment to a person in the past and you would like all staff to be able to take payments

We did: Operatives who take calls as part of our resilience contract are unable to take payments due to security issues. The secure method is to use the automated line unless you speak to a Customer Service Officer at Oxford City Council where it is secure to take payments. We are currently reviewing our resilience contract with the aim of all staff being able to take payments over the telephone.

12. You said: Wait times on reception are too long

We did: Completed the training of 2 more Customer Service Officers on the counter  As a result,  we now have more staff to help with appointments on reception.

13. You said: It was difficult to report when your bins had been missed on a collection round if the error was discovered when the contact centre was closed

We did: Set up an automated missed bin line which can be called out of hours to report your bin has not been collected.

14. You said: Wait times for refunds for council tax takes too long

We did:  We reviewed the council tax refund procedure last month with the expectation to make this a simpler process.

15. You said: It was frustrating that some staff members could not take payments for council tax over the phone

We did: We trained more staff in the contact centre to handle council tax calls with the ability to take payments.

16. You said: Escalations of Housing Benefit enquiries do not work.

We did: We have reviewed the escalation procedure taking into account the customer's needs. We have agreed that you will receive a call back to inform you when it will be dealt with and another call to confirm your enquiry has been handled.

17. You said: You did not like the Council Policy that staff did not give out surnames.

We did: Informed staff that there is no Council Policy that states surnames cannot be given out. However, it is a personal decision on whether they choose not to give out their surname.

18. You said: We need to have a system that allows Contact Centre staff to know what reasonable adjustment is required for that customer. The customer should not have to repeat it every time they call.

We did: If a customer requests for a flag on their records that shows they require specific assistance they can request for this and it will be added to their records.

19. You said: It was frustrating that some customers could not take payments for council tax over the phone.

We did: Trained more staff in the Contact Centre to handle council tax calls with the ability to take payments.

20. You said: Contact Centre staff need to know what reasonable adjustments might be required for our customers if needed.

We did: Additional staff training has been arranged to help Contact Centre staff when dealing with reasonable adjustments for customers.

21. You said: The polling station search webpage isn't user friendly and it’s difficult to use if you live outside the city boundary's.

We did: Added additional wording to explain that it only works for postcodes within the city boundary.

22. You said: The website didn't show opening times for the Town Hall over holidays.

We did: This information has now been added to the website.

23. You said: Wait times on reception are to long.

We did: Completed the training of 3 more Customer Service Officers on the counter. As a result, we now have more staff to help with appointments on reception.

24. You said: The garden waste page on the website was difficult to navigate when attempting to pay by direct debit.
We did: Added a link at the top of the page to make it easier to pay by direct debit.

25. You said: Waiting for your call to be answered sometimes takes too long.
We did: Hired two new staff members to take calls in the contact centre.

26. You said: Wait times on reception are too long.
We did: Completed the training of additional counter staff.

27. You said: Contact Centre staff need to be aware of any adjustments that might be required for our varied range of customers.
We did: Additional staff training has been arranged for staff members when dealing with all individuals.

28. You said: The telephony survey needs to be reviewed and updated.
We did: We reviewed the survey and have made some changes, adding on some additional questions to make them more specific and relevant. This will enable us to better understand the areas where we are doing well and those that we can improve. Please keep leaving us feedback as it helps us improve the service we provide to you.

29. You said: 76.58% of customers surveyed stated they do not go online before calling the City Council.
We did: Began to raise awareness of online facilities and our mobile app and what customers can and can’t do through these communication channels. See below:

Search for 'Oxford City Council' on the Apple App Store or get it on Google play.


  • · Housing repairs,
  • · Fly tipping,
  • · Graffiti,
  • · Missed Waste collections,
  • · Litter/sharp object collection
  • · Abandoned vehicles,
  • · Animal fouling,
  • · Dead animals,
  • · Full recycle banks,
  • · Dog bin issues 


  • · Find your nearest car parks
  • · Find your nearest Leisure Facilities
  • · Find your nearest Parks
  • · Get Local planning information based on your location
  • · And much more

30. You said: A third of customers leaving feedback have stated they have called us before about the same issues.

We did: We have begun to investigate why customers are calling the Council about the same issue by identifying reasons for the repeat enquiries.

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