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Transport, parking and streets

Roads and Motoring

In Oxford, Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for major roads, road users, road safety and the public transport network. Visit the Roads and Transport pages of their website for more details.

The Highways agency is responsible for major roads in the UK such as the M40 in Oxfordshire. Visit the Highways Agency website for more details on the national road infrastructure.

Live Travel Information

Find live travel information on the Oxfordshire County Council website

Visit the Latest Travel Information page of the BBC Oxford website for full details of the latest travel news in Oxfordshire.

Visit the Traffic Information pages of the Highways Agency website for real-time traffic information from the National Traffic Control Centre.

Roadworks in Oxford - stay informed

Get the latest information on major transport projects that affect you by signing up to Oxfordshire County Council's Travel Choices bulletins. You'll get information as soon as they have it from the teams working on site.

Visit the Roadworks page of the Oxfordshire County Council website for full details on current and upcoming roadworks in your area.

Report a problem with a road in Oxford

You can report Road Defects in Oxford online. If defect is on a road outside Oxford, please use Oxfordshire County Council's online reporting system.

Road Maintenance

Visit our Road Maintenance page for details of where to find information about roadworks, gritting and pot holes.

Applying for a Road Closure

Ownership of the roads in Oxford is split between us (Oxford City Council) and Oxfordshire County Council. Visit our Road Closures page for full details.

For information about requesting a road closure of an Oxfordshire County Council owned road, visit the Requesting a Road Closure page of their website.

Traffic Calming Measures

For information about traffic related issues in Oxford, you can browse the Traffic pages of the Oxfordshire County Council website.

For specific information on the following topics, please use the links below:

Traffic Lights

Visit the Traffic Signals page of the Oxfordshire County website to report a fault and find out more.


For information about road tax, MOTs, finding a theory test centre and many other motoring related issues, you can browse the Driving, Transport and Travel pages of the GOV.UK website.

For specific information on the following topics, please use the links below:

Road Safety

Visit the Road Safety pages of the Oxfordshire County Council website to find out about road safety for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists as well as road safety statistics and teaching road safety in schools.

Road Signs

Visit the Signs pages of the Oxfordshire County Council website for information about direction signs, bus stop signs, neighbourhood watch signs, road mirrors and tourism signs.

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