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You are able to submit a comment of up to 10,000 characters. Comments are then vetted and uploaded on Public Access, usually within 48 hours (working days). For more detailed information on how to comment on planning applications visit our dedicated page Commenting on Planning Applications.

Please note when you make a comment on an application via Public Access you may receive a message explaining that your message has been truncated. This message is inaccurate - comments are not truncated. For more information on how to use this system, visit the dedicated Public Access page and check out the Public Access for Planning Guidance Notes (PDF iconPDF). 

Planning Committee Meetings

We have two politically balanced area planning committees (West Area and East Area), each consisting of 9 councillors, to decide planning applications at monthly meetings. We also have a Planning Review Committee that reaches decisions on planning applications that have been considered by one of the two area planning committees but where the area planning committee's decision has subsequently been called into this committee by a minimum of 12 councillors.

Officer's reports to committee, agenda and minutes can be viewed in the Council Meetings pages.

Stay updated on Planning Applications

You can register your postcode with PlanningFinder to keep updated on developments happening in your chosen area. Additionally, if you would like to keep up with the major developments happening in Oxford you can check out our Hot Topics and Major Applications page.

Pre-application consultation with neighbours:

The Council encourages all applicants to consult with their neighbours about their plans for development before formally submitting a planning application. This may then provide the opportunity for neighbours to make any comments about the proposal and help influence the scheme. Planning Officers encourage this approach with applicants through the pre-application enquiry process.

The Council cannot force applicants to engage with neighbours at the pre-application stage however and applicants may submit a planning application without any pre-application discussions even with the Council having taken place. Inadequate pre-application consultation however may lead to delays or refusal of planning permission if significant material planning objections are raised which could have been resolved through pre-application engagement.

Planning applications irrespective of whether they have been through the pre-application procedure will be subject to statutory and the Council’s own consultation and publicity arrangements. All planning applications will be advertised by at least one site notice which will erected on or very close to the application site, in a publically viewable position. The notice is coloured yellow for the first notice and pink if the details of the application are subject to an amendment, (eg. revised description, drawing). Other applications may include an advertisement in the local press.

Page last updated 20 November 2015


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