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Planning and Building Control - Top Tasks

Castle Mill Additional Substantive Information relating to the Environmental Statement Addendum – November 2015

Members of the public may inspect copies of the additional substantive information relating to the Environmental Statement Addendum (planning reference 14/03013/CONSLT), from 26 November 2015 during normal office hours until 18 December 2015 at:

  • Oxford City Council offices, St Aldate's Chambers, 109-113 St Aldate's, Oxford, OX1 1DS
  • Public libraries at Summertown, Botley and Oxford Central Library

Consultation details can be found:

Environmental Statement Addendum & Substantive Additional Information here and the Environmental Statement can be found here. We will be advising parties who have expressed an interest as well as notifying those covered through the Council’s consultation processes.

Any person wishing to make representations about the additional substantive information should submit these in writing to:

Head of Planning and Regulatory Services,
Oxford City Council,
St Aldate’s Chambers,
109-113 St Aldate’s,
Oxford, OX1 1DS.

Or by email to planning@oxford.gov.uk (noting planning reference 14/03013/CONSLT) by 18 December 2015.



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Oxford Design Review Panel

Oxford City Council in partnership with Cabe at Design Council has established the Oxford Design Review Panel.

Design Review is a tried and tested method of promoting good design and is a cost-effective and efficient way to improve quality. This offers independent, impartial advice on the design of new buildings, landscapes and public spaces.

Design Review is an essential part of the planning process. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) reinforced the role of Design Review in ensuring high standards of design. Design Review also plays a vital role in helping local authorities meet their statutory duty under the Planning Act 2008, 'to have regard to the desirability of achieving good design'.

PDF icon Oxford Design Review Panel - Details of the Service (PDF)
PDF icon Oxford Design Review Panel Leaflet (PDF)
PDF icon Oxford Design Review Panel Annual Report Summary 2014-15 (PDF)
PDF icon Oxford Design Review Panel Annual Report 2014-15 (PDF)

Planning Committee Meetings

We have two politically balanced area planning committees (West Area and East Area), each consisting of nine councillors, to decide planning applications at monthly meetings.

We also have a Planning Review Committee that reaches decisions on planning applications that have been considered by one of the two area planning committees but where the area planning committee's decision has subsequently been called into this committee by a minimum of 12 councillors.

Help with planning and building control matters

Our planning and building control teams are happy to offer advice but you may find it helpful to look at the following websites:

Planning Portal - Use this site to learn about planning and building regulations, find out about development near you, appeal against a decision and research government policy.

Planning Aid - Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional town planning advice and support to communities and individuals who cannot afford to pay planning consultant fees. It complements the work of local planning authorities, but is wholly independent of them.

Planning Aid South Help Line: 0870 240 7552

Smarter Planning Champion logo

Smarter Planning Champion

Oxford City Council is now a 'Smarter Planning Champion'.

Smarter Planning is a Planning Portal initiative to encourage professionals and local planning authorities to fully realise all the benefits of online working.

We have been given this status because we are committed to delivering a smarter and faster planning process; by communicating and working electronically.

Interactive house Plans
Land at Barton Scaffolding
Historic picture of High Street Avenue of Trees
Plans Archaeology project

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