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Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016

The Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016 was adopted on 11 November 2005. The Local Plan sets out the detailed framework for our land use policies. All planning applications are considered against the policies of the Local Plan.

Since publication of the Oxford Local Plan, many of the policies have either been superseded by more recent policies in other Local Development Framework documents or have expired having not been “saved” as shown in the saved policies direction letter below.

This document lists all of the original policies within the Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016 and shows which have been superseded by other documents or have expired.
PDF icon List of Local Plan Policies indicating which are superseded or expired (PDF)

Policies Map

The Policies Map displays the Local Plan saved policies plus the policies from the Core Strategy, Sites and Housing Plan, West End Area Action Plan and Barton Area Action Plan.

Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016 text

The Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016 text, with superseded and non-saved policies shown as struck-through, can be downloaded and viewed here:

  Title page and Foreword (107kB PDF)
Section 1.0 Introduction (72kB PDF)
Section 2.0 Core Policies (159kB PDF)
Section 3.0 Transport (114kB PDF)
Section 4.0 Natural Environment (122kB PDF)
Section 5.0 Historic Environment (78kB PDF)
Section 6.0 Housing Provision (59kB PDF)
Section 7.0 Housing Policies (123kB PDF)
Section 8.0 Economy (72kB PDF)
Section 9.0 Health and Hospitals (59kB PDF)
Section 10.0 Education (82kB PDF)
Section 11.0 Sport, Outdoor Rec, Community (95kB PDF)
Section 12.0 Retail and Commercial Leisure (108kB PDF)
Section 13.0 Tourism and the Arts (63kB PDF)
Section 14.0 Development Sites (299kB PDF)
  Appendices and Glossary (974kB PDF)

Saved Policies

The Saved Policies Direction letter below sets confirms the process through which some of the Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016 policies were saved. This letter is shown for reference only as many of the policies in that list have since been superseded as shown in the list at the top of the page.

PDF icon Schedule of saved Local Plan policies (90kB PDF)

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