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Applying for planning permission

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Changes to planning regulations from 1 October 2013

Apply online 

Oxford City Council receives 65% of its planning applications online.

All applications for planning permission (except minerals) have to be made using national Standard Planning Application (1APP) forms we recommend that you fill your application in via the Planning Portal website.

Apply For It iconApply for planning permission online

The planning portal is a quick and easy way to submit your planning application. You can upload supporting documents, plans and even pay your application fee online. Submitting your application online also saves on postage and gives you immediate verification of your submission. There is also an online help function when completing your application.

PDF icon Guidance on Using the Planning Portal (PDF)

Apply via post

Alternatively you can download and submit an application via post:

Apply For It iconDownload planning application forms  

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Choosing an Architect

An architect is the individual who oversees and manages the entire building project from initial designs and submission of plans, right the way through to final completion on the ground.

Typically an architect approaches a project from the point of view of the aesthetic appearance of the project and how it fits in with the surrounding built and natural environment. The architect has to consider much more than just the building's appearance. They will seek to combine the best materials, systems and working practices into their final design with the aim of providing the highest standard of building to their client.

For an individual to use the title "architect" he or she must be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). The Architects Registration Board is the body set up by Parliament as the independent UK regulator of architects. It is the body which maintains the Register of Architects which lists the name of every architect in the UK.

On a large project an architect may well employ the services of different types of surveyors and engineers who will each contribute their particular skills to the design challenges faced.

Have I provided all the relevant documents?

Applications cannot be processed until all the planning application requirements have been met. Please see our section on Pre- Application Advice and the documents below if you require some assistance:

PDF icon List of National and Local Planning Application Requirements (242kB PDF)
PDF icon Pre Application Advice (30kB PDF)
PDF icon Maps and Plans Advice (PDF)
Requirements for the submission of an Appropriate Contamination Assessment

How much will my planning application cost?

The cost of planning applications varies, please see the document below for fees:

PDF icon Planning Fees and Charges (PDF)

How long will my application take?

Minor applications take between six and eight weeks to be processed and have a decision sent out. Major applications take thirteen weeks to process but this is not always achievable due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

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