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North East Area Forum - The Green Deal

Old Headington

The next North East Area Forum looks to bring residents together to discuss and provide helpful information and advice about  how home owners and tenants can save on fuel costs while still keeping warm, through Oxford City Council's Green Deal.

The forum will include guest speakers from the City Council supported Oxford Low-Carbon Hub and Oxford City Council's partner for the Warming Barton Project - the Co-operative Energy Savings Trust.

The two organisations will provide an explanation on the work they do and also give residents the opportunity to seek advice and information on the best ways of staying warm while being environmentally friendly.

Councillor Van Coulter, Ward Councillor for Barton & Sandhills, who will be chairing the meeting, says: "The Oxford Low-Carbon Hub and the Co-Operative Energy Savings Trust do a vast amount for the environment in North Oxford.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for local residents to discuss and seek advice on the best ways to stay warm during these winter months.

"The environment is important to Oxford City Council and bringing the community together to share best practices will ensure that we are all doing our bit for the environment within North Oxford."

Actions from the meeting will be available on our website within one week of the meeting date. Updates on actions will be provided at subsequent meetings.

Released on Wednesday 16 January 2013



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