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Sites and Housing Plan Approved by Inspector

Row of houses

The Sites and Housing Plan for Oxford which introduces key housing policies on affordable housing, houses in multiple occupation and low carbon homes, has been approved by the Planning Inspector.

The Plan also allocates 63 sites for a range of uses including housing, student development, employment, and retail for development across the city.

The Plan will be taken to Oxford City Council's Full Council for formal adoption on Monday 18 February 2013.

Councillor Colin Cook, Board Member for City Development, says: "We are very pleased that the Inspector has approved the Plan as it means that we can seek financial contributions from small sites and student accommodation that will deliver much needed affordable housing in Oxford, in addition to our established affordable housing requirements from large housing sites.

"We have been proactive in finding sites for new housing development which will help to meet the huge housing shortfall in Oxford and at the same time providing on-site renewable energy generation or low-carbon technologies."

Particular highlights include:

  • A policy which seeks a financial contribution towards new affordable housing from sites of 4-9 dwellings and from certain types of student accommodation.
  • A new policy which sets out a maximum threshold of 20% of houses in any 100 metre stretch of street as Houses in Multiple Occupation. New HMOs in streets already above this threshold are resisted.
  • A policy for new purpose-built student accommodation which resists this type of development being located in quieter residential streets.
  • A policy that requires all new residential and student development to include an element of on-site renewable energy. For qualifying developments, the minimum requirement is for 20% of the on-site energy needs of the development to come from renewable or low carbon technologies.

Over 45 of the allocated sites have housing as a requirement which could potentially deliver over 2000 new homes in Oxford.

Over 15 of the sites are allocated for some employment use. This includes some protected and key employment sites, as well as start-up units which encourage small businesses and diversify the employment base within the city.

The adoption of this plan marks the end of three years of work from Oxford City Council’s Planning Policy Team which included three main stages of city-wide public consultation.

If you want to view the Inspector's Report you can do so on our Sites and Housing Adoption page or at our offices at St Aldate's Chambers, 109-113 St Aldate's, Oxford, OX1 1DS.

Released on Wednesday 2 January 2013



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