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Thousands sign up for garden waste subscription service

Brown wheelie bin

Over 2000 residents have signed up for Oxford City Council's garden waste subscription service which starts in just under a weeks time.

Just over 1800 have signed up to the scheme using the Council's website to order their brown wheelie bin or biodegradable Eco Sacks.

More than 100 residents signed up for the service via the website in the first day that bin tags were placed on their current wheelie bins informing them of the change in service.

The chargeable service for garden waste will replace the current green Hessian sacks and starts on your first normal recycling day after May 3.
Councillor John Tanner, Board Member for a Cleaner, Greener Oxford, says: "It's fantastic that so many residents have already signed up for the garden waste service through the City Council website.
"We very much regret having to charge for the new service but I hope residents will continue to recycle as much as they can.  Brown bins, paper sacks, home composting or even a trip to Redbridge, really do help."

Oxford City Council received 1866 subscriptions to the service through its website, 567 over the phone and had over 800 requests for more information. This is just one of the many services that residents can sign up for via our website.

Residents should stop using their green Hessian Sacks on April 29 and the new garden waste scheme will begin on May 3.

Residents can sign up for a brown wheelie bin or opt for biodegradable Eco Sacks as an alternative or to complement the bin. The service costs £35 a year for the brown wheelie bin or residents can purchase Eco Sacks in packs of 10 for £25 or 20 for £35. The new bins will be offered in two sizes - 240 litre or 140 litre bins. The sacks are for a single use.

Residents who receive Housing or Council Tax benefit will be entitled to a free service.  

If you would like more information about how to deal with recycling and waste visit our Household Recycling pages.

Released on Wednesday 27 April 2011



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