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Sensible Drinking

What does drinking alcohol do to my health?

Sensible, moderate drinking shouldn't cause any health problems but heavy drinking, especially on a regular basis, can seriously affect your health. Some of the effects of drinking too much include: potentially fatal alcohol poisoning, alcohol dependence, cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer, poor sexual performance and impotence, brain damage, memory loss and an increased risk of heart disease and certain types of stroke. 

How much alcohol can I drink safely?

Men should not drink more than three to four units of alcohol per day, and women should drink no more than two to three units of alcohol per day.

  • 1 pint of ordinary lager, bitter or cider = 2 units
  • 1 small glass of wine = 1.5 units
  • 1 measure of spirits  = 1 unit
  • 1 alcopop = 1.5 units

Use the NHS Alcohol Units Calculator to see you if you are going over the safe number of units and get tips on how to cut down.

I am worried about my own/somebody else's drinking, where can I get help and advice?

Visit the Oxfordshire County Council website for information on referrals to addiction treatment services.

Alternatively, you can use the contact details below for professional help and advice on alcohol issues:

Alcohol advice contacts
Organisation Phone
The Oxfordshire Alcohol Service
The Old Music Hall, 106-108 Cowley Road, Oxford
01865 403151
National Drinkline (24 hours) 0800 917 8282
Alcoholics Anonymous 0845 769 7555


What is Oxford City Council doing to tackle the binge drinking culture?

The Oxford Nightsafe scheme began in 2004 and was set up to tackle alcohol related anti-social behaviour in Oxford. Visit the Nightsafe website for information on responsible drinking and how to stay safe in Oxford at night. The Nightsafe Initiatives page shows you exactly what we have done to help tackle alcohol related problems in Oxford.

Where can I find more information on alcohol related issues?

Visit the Drinking and Alcohol pages on the NHS Choices website for information on drink driving, drinking in public, drinking when pregnant and treatment for a drinking problem.

Visit the Drink Aware website for more general information on alcohol related issues.

Page last reviewed 11 June 2012


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