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Mental Health

Mental health problems are among the most common of all health conditions. One in four people will experience a mental health problem in the course of a year.

What is a mental health problem? 

Mental health problems cover a wide range of conditions which affect someone's daily life. Most people recover, but long-term problems can lead to considerable disruption in people's lives.

Mental health includes neurotic problems such as depression, anxiety or panic and less common psychotic symptoms, which interfere with a person's perception of reality, and may include hallucinations such as seeing and hearing things that no-one else can.

How do I get help with a mental health problem?

If you, a friend or relative are experiencing mental health problems for the first time and need treatment, you can contact your GP (doctor) who will be able to refer you to the most appropriate mental health service. If you are not registered with a doctor, visit the GP search on the NHS Choices website to find your local GP surgery.

You can also contact Oxfordshire County Council who can provide you with an assessment and advice on what should be done next. Visit the Oxfordshire County Council Mental Health website pages for more information.

What other organisations can help with mental health advice and support?

There are many organisations in the UK set up to give you help and advice on mental health issues. If you think you or someone you know may be experiencing mental health problems, use the following contacts:

Page last reviewed 20 December 2012


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