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Choice Based Lettings

The Council operates a Choice Based Lettings (CBL) scheme to advertise the limited number of properties becoming available each year in Oxford.  this is for housing applicants who are eligible and qualify for inclusion on the Oxford Register for Affordable Housing.

The Council introduced a new Allocations Scheme on 12 December 2013 and some changes have been made to the Choice Based Lettings Scheme.

Changes to Choice Based Lettings

The Council no longer participates in a sub-regional Allocations Scheme and only advertises properties to housing applicants on the Oxford Register for Affordable Housing.

The Council's Choice-Based Lettings website has now changed and properties will no longer be advertised on the old website.

Visit the new Choice Based Lettings website.

The Choice Based Lettings User Guide below provides details about how to use the scheme and how to bid for properties on the website or by using the new bidding telephone number shown in the guide.

PDF icon Choice Based Lettings User Guide (PDF)

Page last updated 12 February 2014

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