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Recycling and waste

What Goes Into Each Bin?

Blue bin, sack or blue/green recycling boxes

Mixed recycling containers

Please place your recyclable waste in the bin/box/sack loose. Recycling will not be accepted in black bags. Please also rinse glass bottles, jars, cartons, plastic bottles and cans which should then be squashed - the lids can be put back on or left off.

Squashing items saves space on the lorry, reducing the associated environmental and financial costs of transporting. The contents are then taken to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) where they are separated and sent on for reprocessing.

The table below lists the items accepted and not accepted in your recycling bin/box/sack. 

Recyclable Material Type
Green Tick icon Yes Please Red Cross icon No Thanks
Recycling icon - plastic bottles

Recycling icon - household plastic packaging

  • Drinks bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Cleaning product bottles
  • Bottle tops
  • Bubble wrap
  • Yoghurt, margarine, ice cream containers
  • Food pots, punnets, trays and packaging
  • Sandwich packaging
  • Plant pots and trays
  • Plastic bags
  • Cling film
  • Coffee machine pods

More information: Plastic recycling page.

Download our plastic recycling leaflet.

  • Polystyrene foam
  • Plastic toys/gadgets
  • Confectionery wrappers
  • Crisp packets
  • Black bin liners
  • Salad bags
  • Baby wipe packets
  • Pet food pouches
  • Hard plastic, such as washing up bowls


More information: Plastic recycling page.

Recycling icon - mixed glass GLASS

  • Glass bottles
  • Glass jars

  • Window panes and mirrors
  • Glass cookware
  • Drinking glasses
Recycling icon - food tins and drink cans

Recycling icon - foil

Recycling icon - areosols

  • Aerosols (fully discharged)
  • Aluminium drinks cans
  • Aluminium foil
  • Metal lids and bottle tops
  • Biscuit/sweet tins
  • Metal food tins

  • Food-soiled items
  • Pots and pans
  • Large metal items
Recycling icon - paper

Recycling icon - cardboard

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • White and coloured paper
  • Clean cardboard
  • Greetings cards
  • Cardboard labels
  • Egg boxes
  • Inner tubes from toilet and kitchen paper
  • Junk mail
  • Paperback books
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Wrapping paper
  • Art paper
  • Directories (inc Yellow Pages)
  • Envelopes (inc windows)

  • Kitchen and tissue paper (even clean)
  • Jiffy bags
  • Glued or painted paper
Recycling icon - cartons DRINKS CARTONS / TETRA PAK

  • Longlife milk cartons
  • Juice cartons
  • Food cartons (rinsed)


  • Batteries (place batteries in a clear plastic bag such as a sandwich bag on top of either the green or blue bin on collection day)
  • Small electricals (place in a standard sized carrier bag on top of either the blue or green bin on collection day)


  • Chinaware
  • Textiles, clothing or bedding
  • Light bulbs and strip lights
  • Food



Get a recycling sticker for your blue bin

You can download a recycling sticker below to remind you what can be recycled at the kerbside. If you would like a bin sticker posted to you then please email us on recycling@oxford.gov.uk.

PDF icon Blue bin recycling sticker (57kB PDF)

Recycling icons and logos on packaging

Most packaging now contains icons and logos related to recycling. These offer advice, or make claims about how environmentally friendly it is. To help you understand some of them, have a look at the guide on the Recycle Now website.

Brown garden waste bin

Brown Garden Waste Recycling Bin or Biodegradable Paper Based Compostable Sacks

Green Tick icon Yes Please Red Cross icon No Thanks
Grass cuttings Cardboard
Hedge trimmings Plastic, glass or drinks cartons
Garden prunings Plant pots and trays
Leaves All kitchen food waste
Small shrubs Metal objects
Plants and weeds Soil/stones/hardcore
Cut flowers Timber/logs
Branches no more than 5cm/2" diameter Pet waste

 For information on garden waste please see our Garden Waste page.

Green food caddies

Food Waste Recycling Caddy

You can put any raw or cooked food in your caddy, even plate scrapings.

Green Tick iconYes Please Red Cross iconNo Thanks
Meat and fish - raw and cooked including bones Non-food products
Fruit and vegetables - raw and cooked Packaging of any sort
All dairy products such as eggs and cheese Plastic bags (don't use them as liners)
Bread, cakes and pastries Oils and liquids
Rice, pasta and beans Glass of any kind
Uneaten food from your plates and dishes  
Tea bags and coffee grounds  
Nut shells  

For more information on food waste, please see our Food Waste page.

Green wheelie bin

Green Wheelie Bin or Lilac Plastic Sacks

Green Tick iconYes Please
Red Cross iconNo Thanks
Paint cans and DIY materials
Sanitary products Large items of furniture
Fouled textiles Soil, bricks and building rubble
Animal litter and bedding from small animal hutches Hot ash
Jiffy bags Batteries
Polystyrene foam Mobile phones and other small electronic gadgets
Crisp packets and confectionery wrappers Fluorescent tubes and low energy light bulbs
Wrapped broken glass and drinking vessels
Broken crockery and oven glass cookware
Non-electrical toys and gadgets
Small metal non-electrical scrap items

Please visit our A-Z Recycling Directory for a full list of where to take materials which are not included in our recycling collection service, including light bulbs and electronics.

For information on recycling materials that cannot be collected at the kerbside please visit our Recycling Centres and Bring Banks page.

Visit our Where Recyclables Go page for information on what happens to your recycling after it is collected.

Page last updated 01 April 2014


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