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Recycling and waste

Street Furniture - bus shelters, street lights, lifebelts, signs and benches

Please see the list below for information about various items of street furniture in the city.

To report a problem with street furniture in the city online, please visit our Report It page.

Bus Shelters

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We are responsible for the majority of bus shelters in Oxford, a large proportion of which are provided and maintained by our partners CCUK.

Bus shelter Bus shelter

Local parish councils and Oxfordshire County Council are also responsible for a small number of shelters across the city.

Street Lighting

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for street lighting in the city. Visit the Street Lighting pages of their website for more information and to report a fault.


Report It iconReport a missing or damaged lifebelt online

We provide and maintain lifebelts next to rivers and waterways in Oxford. Some lifebelts are owned by the Environment Agency and others by boatyards. 

Oxford City Council has 100 lifebelt stations along the River Thames and other public waterside locations, which are labelled with an identifying number and phone number. Lifebelts are inspected once every 2 weeks in the summer and once every 4 weeks in the winter.

We work hard to ensure that should you ever need to use one, a lifebelt is available and in the best condition.

Road Signs

Road signs are not maintained by us and should be reported on the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Street Name Signs

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We are responsible for the maintenance and replacement of street name signs in Oxford.


Report It iconReport bench repair or request new bench online

All benches on the highway are installed and maintained by Oxford City Council.

Wayfinder / Finger Posts

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Wayfinder and finger post signage is maintained by us. Problems and issues are generally resolved within 3 months of a report. A damaged Wayfinder sign or finger post are made safe, if required, within one working day of report.

Street Furniture for private property/roads

Visit our Oxford Direct Services website for more information about the range of commercial services available.

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