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Recycling and waste

Recycling and Waste Collection Days

Collection Day Search

As recycling and refuse collections alternate weekly, Oxford is divided into two zones:

  • Blue
  • Red

Your recycling or refuse collection day will depend upon what zone you live in.

Use your street name OR postcode in the search bar below to find out which zone and collection day relates to your property. You can then download the blue or red zone collection calendar below so you know when to put out your bins/boxes/bags.

Please note: we are only responsible for collections within the boundary of the city of Oxford i.e. postcodes beginning with OX1, OX2, OX3 or OX4. We do not cover areas outside the boundary such as Botley, Kennington, Kidlington and Horspath.

Search Full Street Name (Without house number e.g. Western Road)
Search Postcode (e.g. OX14LS)

If you cannot find your recycling collection day using the search above, please email recycling@oxford.gov.uk and our Recycling Team will get back to you.

Recycling Calendars

You can download a copy of your the current recycling calendar below. The calendar shows which waste and recycling bins and boxes should be put out each week.

PDF icon Blue Zone Recycling Calendar April 2015 - March 2016 (PDF)
PDF icon Red Zone Recycling Calendar April 2015 - March 2016 (PDF)

Zone Map

For reference only, please use the search bar above for details.

Red or blue waste collection map

Ordnance Survey MasterMap and Maps © Crown Copyright 2010

Download our Mobile App for bin collection alerts

We have developed a free mobile app which allows you to check your bin collection day and get automatic reminders to put out your bins.

Download on the App Store or Google Play via our Mobile App page.

Email and Text Reminders

To get free email or text reminders, email or text your collection day to:

Zone Email Text Number
Blue zone blue@oxford.gov.uk 07786 200848
Red zone red@oxford.gov.uk 07786 200424

You will receive a reminder of which box, bin or sack to put out the night before your collection.

To stop the text reminder service, simply text 'STOP' to 07786 200848 for Blue Calendars or text 'STOP' to 07786 200424 for Red Calendars.

To stop the email reminder service, simply email 'STOP' to blue@oxford.gov.uk for Blue Calendars or email 'STOP' to red@oxford.gov.uk for Red Calendars.

Textline Service

We also offer a Textline service where you can text your questions to us and receive a text reply. The text number is: 07786 200440. Texts will cost your normal network tariff.

Missed Bins

Report It iconReport missed recycling collection online
Report It iconReport missed waste collection online

Missed collections must be reported on the same or next working day after the collection should have taken place. Once reported, the issue will be investigated and you will be informed as soon as possible of the outcome.

Flats and Shared Houses

Please note that residents in Flats or Shared houses may have different arrangements. Visit our Flats page for more information.

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