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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal

We are responsible for the removal of graffiti from public areas and public buildings. We do not remove graffiti from post boxes, directional bollards, bridges, telephone boxes, bus shelters or reflective road sign. We will only remove graffiti from private property with the agreement of the owner. This may be subject to a charge.

How do I report an incident of graffiti on public property?

Report It iconReport graffiti online

Graffiti on the following street furniture should be reported to the following authorities:

  • Post boxes - Royal Mail website or Royal Mail Customer Services - 08457 740 740
  • Directional bollards - Oxfordshire County Council - streetlighting@oxfordshire.gov.uk or highwayenquiries@oxfordshire.gov.uk
  • Bridges - Oxfordshire County Council - bridges@oxfordshire.gov.uk
  • Telephone boxes - Report this to the operator from the box concerned
  • Bus shelters - Report graffiti online via our website
  • Reflective road signs - Oxfordshire County Council - highwayenquiries@oxfordshire.gov.uk

How quickly will the graffiti be removed?

Offensive graffiti is unacceptable and we will endeavour to remove offensive or racist graffiti from council owned buildings within one day of reporting it to us.

Other graffiti is removed within 7 days of a report.

How do I get graffiti removed from private property?

We provide advice about graffiti removal for private buildings and businesses. Quotations for private work are available on request. We also undertake special area projects in conjunction with community groups.

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What chemicals are used to remove graffiti?

Our graffiti removal equipment uses no harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly in its operation. The process uses a range of techniques from soap and water to a fine water jet spray combined with bicarbonate of soda. Specialist graffiti removal is undertaken on murals and we use anti graffiti paint to protect public art works.

Page last reviewed 3 May 2012

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