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Food Safety for Childminders

If, as a childminder, you give food to a child in your care, the food hygiene legislation will apply to you. This includes all food, from a drink of orange to a full cooked meal.

The only exception would be when the child's parent or guardian has prepared the food, but you are responsible for safe storage once it has been delivered to you.

We will not normally inspect childminders unless we receive complaints or if there is a case of food poisoning associated with your childminding. In these cases a normal investigation will be made and the same standards of safety will be expected as any other food business.

Food Registration Form

As of 1 January 2014 childminders are no longer required to register separately as a food business with the local authority. Childminders need only register with Ofsted. Any relevant information will be shared between authorities.

More information

Visit the Childminders page of the Food Standards Agency website for information on food safety in childminding premises.

Page last updated 14 January 2014


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