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Our Apply For It page offers access to services relating to applying for, booking, registering for and requesting things in Oxford. The list is split into two main sections: Applying for services offered by Oxford City Council, and those offered by Oxfordshire County Council or services offered nationally. The categories are split up into sections which relate to the main service areas on our website. Please select from the links below to find the information you are looking for.

Service Area Our Services                                                   
Oxfordshire County Council / National Services


Licensing and Permits Oxfordshire County Council





Communities Oxfordshire County Council


Council and Democracy  
Education and libraries Oxfordshire County Council
Environment, waste and recycling Oxfordshire County Council
Health and social care   Oxfordshire County Council
Council Tax and Benefits National
Leisure and Parks  
Planning Oxfordshire County Council


Transport, parking and streets Oxfordshire County Council


Visiting Oxford  

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