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Elections in 2014

Oxford City Council Carfax Ward Vacancy

Following the resignation of Councillor Anne-Marie Canning, a vacancy has arisen in the Carfax Ward.

PDF icon Notice of Vacancy – Carfax Ward (PDF)


Oxford City Council Cowley Ward Vacancy

Following the resignation of Councillor Helen O'Hara, a vacancy has arisen in Cowley Ward.

PDF icon Notice of vacancy - Cowley Ward (PDF)
PDF icon Notice of election - Cowley Ward (PDF)
PDF icon Notice of poll - Cowley Ward (PDF)

The two electors have now requested a poll be held. The date of the by-election was Thursday 17 July 2014.

PDF icon Statement of persons nominated - Cowley Ward (PDF)


Results are available on our Election Results page.


Oxford City Council, Parish and European Parliament Elections - 22 May 2014

Election Results - 22 May 2014

Results for the Oxford City Council elections held on Thursday 22 May 2014 were announced during the morning/afternoon of Friday 23 May 2014. Full results are available on our Election Results page.

Results for the European Parliamentary (South East) elections held on Thursday 22 May 2014 were announced on Sunday 25 May 2014 and are available on the Southampton City Council website.


Parish Council Elections

There will be elections to two of the parish councils in the city. The details are set out below.


Blackbird Leys

(Total number of councillors to be elected is 14)

Blackbird Leys

Northfield Brook



Old Marston Not warded 12


For Old Marston Parish Council 14 nominations were received for 12 vacancies and therefore a poll would have taken place on 22 May 2014:

PDF icon Statement of Persons Nominated - Old Marston Parish Council Elections (PDF)


Due to the death of one of the candidates, Mr Roy Jones, the election of parish councillors to Old Marston on 22 May 2014 has now been cancelled. A new election will be held within 35 days of 22 May at a date to be agreed.

PDF icon Cancellation of Poll - Old Marston Parish Council (PDF)

Old Marston Parish election - Re-arranged poll - 26 June 2014

Following the cancellation of the elections to Old Marston Parish due on 22 May 2014 (see above) a new poll date has been set for Thursday 26 June 2014.

PDF icon Notice of Election - Old Marston Parish Council Re-arranged Election (PDF)
PDF icon Statement of Persons Nominated - Old Marston Parish Council Re-arranged Election (PDF)

Old Marston Parish election - Results - 26 June 2014
PDF icon Election of Parish Councillors for the Parishes of Oxford City Council Summary of Results - Old Marston (PDF)


For Blackbird Leys Parish Council there weren't enough candidates nominated to trigger a poll, so all the candidates are elected unopposed:

PDF icon Notice of Uncontested Election - Blackbird Leys Parish Council (PDF)


Further Information/Contact Us

For further information on these elections, you can email us or telephone the Elections Office during office hours on 01865 249811 or write to the Elections Office, Town Hall, St. Aldate's Oxford, OX1 1BX. The email address is

For detailed general information on all aspects of electoral matters, visit the Electoral Commission website. The Commission has also established an additional website specific to registering to vote and voter queries about forthcoming elections. Visit the About My Vote website for full details.


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