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Register your interest in Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering then please fill in our online form and we will contact you as soon as we can.  There are a wide range of different opportunities for volunteering including conservation work, sports coaching, the Olympic torch relay, and wildlife surveying.

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Useful Statistics

5% of Oxford's population volunteer at least 1 hour per week, which is higher than the national average of 4.7%. Given the current population of Oxford, which is approximately 150,000 people, 5% equates to around 7500 people.

At minimum wage for 1 hour a week, the current level of volunteering in Oxford is worth approximately £2.3 million. Increasing volunteering by 1% (i.e. from 5% to 6%) would be worth almost half a million pounds.

Local Volunteer Development Agencies

You can find out about volunteering opportunities in Oxford from the Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action (OCVA) website and get more information from the OCVA Factsheets.

Sport and Leisure Volunteering

Becoming a volunteer is a fantastic way to meet new people, develop new skills and gain experience.

Many sports clubs, sporting activities and events rely on volunteers to make things happen.  Voluntary roles can include helping with refreshments, publicity and organising events.

Some of the benefits of volunteering include:

  • Giving you the chance to pass on your skills and experience
  • Improving your confidence
  • Giving you a chance to explore your interests
  • Enhancing your CV
  • Giving you the chance to try something new
  • Meeting new likeminded people


Sport Volunteering Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer in Oxford. To find the opportunities that suit you please visit the Volunteering pages on the Oxfordshire Sports Partnership website.

Volunteering in parks and open spaces

Do you have some spare time or an interest in the outdoors or wildlife? Why not join one of our gardeners, countryside rangers or other colleagues in your local park or open space?

We have something for everyone, so please call us to discuss what we can offer you.

Opportunities include:

Working groups every Thursday

Our countryside rangers have organised weekly sessions across the city.

  • start time 9.30am;
  • equipment and refreshments available;
  • please bring lunch and appropriate clothing.

Contact Carl on 07801 625245 for more information.

Become a Health Walk leader

Do you enjoy walking in the great outdoors?  Share your passion with others and become a health walk leader.  For more information please visit our Health Walks page.

Useful information and resources for sports clubs

The Oxfordshire Sports Partnership has developed some useful resources for clubs, coaches and volunteers which can be found on their Resources page of their website.

For further information please email: volunteer@oxfordshiresport.org

Community Centres

Contact our Community Centres to find out what volunteering opportunities they may have to offer.

Volunteering at the Museum of Oxford

We rely greatly on the support of volunteers to help with the day-to-day running of the Museum of Oxford. Visit our Get Involved at the Museum of Oxford page for full details.

Useful Websites for National Volunteering Opportunities

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