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Statistics About Oxford

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Ten things you need to know about Oxford

Oxford’s population grew by 12% over the decade 2003–2013, making it the eighth fastest growing English city. It has 158,000 residents and an additional 45,000 people live in adjacent urban areas. The city’s population is projected to reach 165,000 by 2023.

At the 2011 Census, 24% of the city’s adult population were full-time students. 32,000 students were enrolled for full-time study at the two universities in 2013/14. This gives the city a very young age profile – in 2011, one-third of residents were young adults aged 18–29 years.

The city has a large number of people employed in the universities, the hospitals and the public sector, but has other important sectors including car manufacturing, publishing, tourism, hospitality and a growing hi-tech sector. It is home to 4,300 businesses providing around 104,000 jobs.

Oxford is an ethnically diverse city, and it is also internationally diverse. 22% of residents were from a black or minority ethnic group in 2011,compared with 13% in England. Another 14% of residents were from a white but non-British ethnic background. 28% of residents were born outside the UK.

Oxford has the seventh highest number of international visitors for any UK city.  An estimated nine million domestic and international visitors come to the city for tourism each year.

Oxford is a world-renowned education brand and over two-fifths of its adult residents have a university degree. At state schools, children are under performing compared with children in the rest of England.

Oxford is the least affordable city for housing in the UK. Even at the lower end of the market, house prices are 10 times earnings. 30% of residents privately rent their home at prices which are among the most expensive outside London. The city needs an estimated 24,000–32,000 new homes by 2031 to meet demand.

Although Oxford is prosperous in many ways, 10 of its 83 ‘Super Output Areas’ are among the 20% most deprived areas in England. 7 One-quarter of Oxford’s children – 6,600 – live below the poverty line.

46,000 people commute into the city for work – mostly by car – but the majority of people who live and work in the city travel by public transport, bicycle or on foot.

People living in the least deprived areas of the city can expect to live around six years longer than people living in the most deprived areas.

Detailed statistics about Oxford


Oxford has 158,000 'usual residents' (latest estimate, June 2014)


The number of residents claiming unemployment benefit has been falling over the past 18 months and now stands at 900 (May 2015)


The average Oxford house cost £315,000 in 2014.


Oxford has ten areas which are among the 20% most deprived in England.


Oxford is, in general, a well-educated city with 43% of the population qualified to degree level or above.


Life expectancy in Oxford is 79 years for men and 84 years for women, with significant geographic inequalities within the city.


Links to detailed local crime statistics.

Environment & energy

Carbon emissions have fallen significantly in recent years.


Almost half of Oxford’s workforce commuted into the city in 2011. 


Oxford is a densely populated place, though 52% of the city is actually open space.

Area profiles

Profiles of different areas within Oxford.


Find out about the headline findings from the 2011 Census and how to access the data.


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