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Housing statistics

  • In 2014 the average (median) house price in Oxford was £315,000, a rise of £30,000 since 2013.  The median price for a detached house was £620,000, for a semi-detached house £332,000, for a terraced house £325,000 and for a flat £244,000.  
  • At the lower end of the market house prices are more than ten times earnings; other measures result in even higher ratios.  
  • Rented housing in Oxford is also relatively expensive - indeed on one measure it is the most expensive outside London. 
  • At the 2011 Census there were estimated to be 55,400 households containing 133,200 residents - an average household size of 2.4, which had increased from 2.3 in 2001.  In addition there were 18,700 people living in communal establishments.
  • The percentage of households who own their home is relatively low in Oxford - 47% compared to 63% in England.  The percentage of households who rent their home in the private sector is high - 28% in Oxford compared with 17% in England. 
  • Over the last decade the number of households renting their home in the private sector rose by almost 50%, from nearly 11,000 households in 2001 to nearly 16,000 households in 2011. The number of households who owned their house declined.
  • Over the last decade there has been little change in the number of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses which people live in. However there has been a large increase in the number of households living in purpose-built flats, from nearly 11,000 in 2001 to nearly 15,000 in 2011.
  • 118 households were living in temporary accommodation we provide in the city as of September 2014.  At the same time our waiting list figures exceeded 3,300 households. 



 Update on Oxford's housing market (Sep 2015; 316kB PDF)

 Housing affordability in Oxford neighbourhoods (Dec 2014; 223kB PDF)

 More households now rent rather than own their home (April 2014 chart; 43kB PDF)

Who owns and who rents their home in Oxford? (June 2013 chart; 65kB PDF)

Changing patterns of housing in Oxford (February 2013 chart; 44kB PDF)

PDF icon Private sector rents are among the least affordable (April 2012 chart; 98kB PDF)

PDF icon Oxford's housing market 2000-2011 (March 2012 chart; 41kB PDF)

PDF icon London house prices - but not the wages (February 2011 chart; 48kB PDF)



Housing type data and chart, 2011 Census (35kB XLS)

Housing tenure data and chart, 2011 Census (101kB XLS)

Oxford house prices 2000-2012 data and chart (42kB XLS)

Household estimates and projections 2001-2026 (46kB XLS)


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